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Opted-in to our email news services? A note about your data.

If you receive emails from us, then here’s a note about what you agreed to, how to unsubscribe and how personal data is processed.

If you receive email newsletters from us then it’s because you’ve asked us.

This would have happened if you registered for them on our website, emailed us to ask for them after a colleague forwarded them, gave us your business card at an event, or asked us for research. Graduates from our training courses, staff within our clients or former clients, and Associates of Digital’s business all may receive messages from us.

The types of messages we send include the Digital Intelligence newswire, Digital Insight Reports, Digital Case Studies, Digital Thought Leader Interviews, Digital Best Practice and details of our training or support services. From time to time we also look for additional research we feel might be relevant for people.

Some of these briefings are charged, while some may be free.

If you’d like to unsubscribe from our briefings then return the email briefing by replying to us and put unsubscribe in the headline.

We only email people who have given their direct permission or been nominated by a colleague.

We hope you enjoy the research and are always keen to have feedback.

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