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There’s been rapid change already, but the pace will accelerate from here. The tools and technologies are now in place, but only in the last few years has the mass migration to the new channels really started in Western Europe. Digital Strategy was set up to help digital media groups find smarter ways to migrate their businesses into the new digital landscapes. Television channels, ratio stations, newspapers and magazines all have to get to grips with fundamental changes in media consumption, audience fragmentation, the nature of content and the media experience. The models that worked unchallenged until the end of the 1990s are now suddenly transforming and both audiences and revenues are changing faster than most media groups can respond.

We've worked for some of the largest newspaper, magazine and television groups in the world, as well as some of the most successful dotcom firms. We are brought in because we know the industry and the web inside and out, and can deliver their online advertising strategy, internet content strategy, community strategy, or simply find ways to boost traffic and audiences.

We began by working with newspapers and magazines to create website content strategies, then online classified advertising, before supporting publishers with their wider internet advertising strategy. Today we often create the community strategy, social networking strategy or Web 2.0 strategy. To find out more, simply email the team here @ Digital.

Examples of strategic challenges we have been set

Here are some examples of our research workshops about online advertising spend and what publishers can do to survive and succeed.

Boiling down the big picture into key decision points and roadmaps (examples)

  • Delivering a key issue analysis on your sector
  • Delivering a key issue analysis on your firm
  • Building roadmaps for board discussion
  • Building detailed roadmaps for corporate change
  • Building frameworks for business migration into new channels
  • Building frameworks for product development within IPTV, web and classic media
  • Building digital knowledge, insight and intuition within leadership teams
  • Online advertising and audience strategy workshops

Corporate strategy

  • Briefing city analysts and translating strategies into analyst briefings
  • Acquisition market due diligence

Partner selection

  • Online content strategy workshops
  • Online sales house selection
  • Online marketing agency selection
  • Online analytics vendor selection

Explaining migration

  • The migration of audiences from newspapers to the web
  • The migration of audiences from magazines to the web
  • The migration of audiences to the internet
  • The migration of time to the internet
  • The migration of audiences from television to the web
  • The migration of audiences from directories to the web

Developing strategies to respond

  • Defending from the threats of advertising and audience migration
  • Creating an online classified advertising strategy
  • Creating an online display advertising strategy
  • Creating an online revenue strategy
  • Creating an online audience strategy
  • Creating an online content strategy
  • Creating a digital content strategy
  • Creating a web 2.0 strategy
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Creating a customer engagement strategy
  • Creating a video content strategy

Transparent process, straight talking, fast results

In each area we have research that tracks the problem, analysis that describes the unique challenge your firm faces, and models that will help uncover smart solutions. Our team of senior consultants can provide the project leadership as well as their insights, and with fast-track management consultancy, we can turn around projects within weeks.

Key questions we explore

In addition to classic situational and gap analysis, we also explore:

  • In media groups how do the content assets translate into the new environment?
  • Will advertising relationships transfer beyond the immediate key accounts?
  • How will channel migration impact revenues in the traditional channel?
  • How can the group’s existing digital expertise be quickly built?

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