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insight1.jpgDigital Insight Report | by Danny Meadows-Klue

Blogging has changed the way publishing works.

What started out in a techno ghetto moved to the mainstream of digital publishing over three years ago. These days many small company websites are run entirely by blogging software and many big company CEOs are itching to write their own blog.

That's why in the digital marketing coaching we run it's come up so much that we created a whole training programme just about blogging for business. This Digital Insight Report is a quick starter that participants get, and we thought it worth sharing with a few of the people who asked for our research newswire. If you want to make a comment then mail me back and we'll add it to our own discussions. And if you've come across some great case studies of corporate blogging, then we'd love to see them.

These reports can be useful for explaining the basics of digital marketing to colleagues and as we write one every month, if there's a topic you'd like to see covered then simply mail us back.

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