Case studies: Brands engaging audiences effectively


Strategy & Training | by Danny Meadows-Klue

The world of marketing has changed and suddenly brands are having to face up to the reality that not every customer wants to be interrupted by the messages they have. Like an annoying pop-up, even if television, radio and print advertising is hitting the right person, when the messaging is not requested by the user, the effects can be neutral. But if advertising engages with its audiences, then inviting them to take part, then there can have a dramatic effect in the efficiency of the message and the delivery of response. Here are three examples Digital’s team have been tracking:

Nike Run London (Nike) – How the leading sports brand created a massive ‘idea’ that had customers talking and interacting face to face, on the web and accross all media.

Tea Partay (Diageo) – How a leading drinks brand gives its product the edge, gets customers talking, and still enjoys audiences over a year later.

Snowblog (Snowbooks) – How marketing on a shoestring budget can still engage audiences and win the publisher awards.

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