Avoid wasting digital budgets


by Danny Meadows-Klue

The web and email may be some of the most powerful channels marketers have, but sadly most digital budgets are poorly used. Many firms waste a third or more of their digital marketing by failing to get the model for lead generation or consumer connections right. Briefs to their agencies can be weak, the consumer insights underpinning the strategy can be poor, and all to often the execution is far from what it could be.

We've worked with thousands of marketers to help them increase the efficiency of their online advertising, online marketing and digital publishing strategies. Efficiency gains of 20-30% are not unusual - if only you know what to do, or what to ask of your agency. The challenge is knowing how to achieve this.

That's where digital coaching comes in. It changes the way marketers behave, unlocking a step change in their performance. That could simply mean better results for the same budget, or it could mean a radical change in direction for the whole firm's marketing or publishing. The coaching programmes cover 40 digital disciplines and are set at three distinct levels:

  • Orientation: For newcomers converting into digital from classic media and marketing (normally less than 6 months digital experience)
  • Advanced: Marketers with 6 months to 4 years experience of working with digital channels
  • Masterclass: For digital professionals with 5 years or more experience

We began developing these digital marketing and management coaching programmes in 2003. They have helped thousands of people and firms achieve much more for their brands and in their careers. The way we do this is by providing industry experts who can join your team for short in-company courses structured around the specific needs of your business and the challenges you face. The strategy team in London develop the course structures and models and centrally manage your team's learning. In many countries we run public access programmes that invite groups of marketers and digital specialists to work together in a collaborative training environment. Online support is available as well, but there's no substitute for being face to face with your team.

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