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Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence September 2010Google went 'instant', Apple went Ping, Microsoft put IE 9 into beta and Twitter got pictures: what a month for giant digital product development from digital giants.

All these impact on how digital strategies work for brands - and that's why to get them working well the strategy needs to be flexible to deal with the constant evolution of the landscape. Technology and business horizons are constantly expanding, the attention of customers is migrating, and brands need to be agile enough to deliver what their customers need today, not yesterday.

Among the social networks Facebook gave social media metrics a much needed boost with their new analytics tools (ROI gradually creeping into social media), Twitter started looking even more like a Facebook-lite, and Facebook launched location tools to prevent young socnets like FourSquare gaining the traction of Twitter.

Mobile device wars intensified with Blackberry and Samsung lining up tablet launches, and the largest smartphone maker - Nokia - reorganising 'in preparation for the next billion mobile web users' and its upcoming high-end device launches. The online video world was equally hectic with product development announcements from Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Google, proving that the video platforms have much more yet to deliver.

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