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Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence November 2011We're set for another record-breaking Christmas for ecommerce (14% sales growth in the UK alone), and data behind the headlines confirms major shifts in the way people shop. After many years of hype, mobile finally looks set to contribute a significant portion of sales. The growth of pods, pads, apps and iTunes helped Apple become the second biggest online retailer in the UK and in the scramble for festive shoppers' cash, eBay opened its first high street shop. 20th Century Fox started selling DVDs via QR codes on posters, and Google's strengthened its mobile wallet service as it makes the 2012 play for owning the online transaction space.

This month's news was dominated by Google. Latest expansion plans include focusing on Chrome, cloud music and social networking. With 50% of smartphones now powered by Android, the growth will help Google capture the elusive 'single sign-on'. The internet giant also offered a rare peek into how it ranks search results - with big implications for anyone planning 2012 SEO strategies. Meanwhile Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo finally managed to agree an advertising alliance; as they square up to Facebook, Apple and Google.

In social media there's new research about the phrases that boost Twitter clicks (and don't) and why people do (or don't) follow brands on social media - plus the 5 firms that control 65% of all global ad spend: can you guess who they are before reading further?
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