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As digital advertising moves beyond measuring clicks, this month saw the big players ramp up their display tools. Google reduced the value of adverts that are not seen by humans - potentially giving advertisers a better return on their display ad investment. Meanwhile Twitter now matches ads to users' browser history. Not to be outdone, Facebook was revealed to be working on artificial intelligence to mine its vast amount of user data.

Following its 'SEO apocalypse' - hiding all keyword data earlier this year - Google is now making email marketing analytics a little harder too, as Gmail starts caching images. This means major segment of consumers will 'disappear' from marketers stats. This month we look at what this means for email ads - and how to work around it.

With WhatsApp and Snapchat amongst the digital success stories of 2013, we also look at the 10 biggest instant messaging apps in the world and examine the implication of the Internet of Things' will have on marketing in the years to come.

Finally, gaze into the future with Amazon's flying delivery drones and Google's super-fast military robots. As digital and the real world merge, the next decade holds some exiting (and slightly scary) implications for us all...

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