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Meadows-Klue on Media: Writing about the digital networked society for more than a decade »

Danny Meadows-KlueThanks for dropping by my personal blog. This is a scrapbook of stuff about the digital networked society that caught my eye. Many of the last two years' posts are now open, but the content properly got going back in 1999 when I first started lecturing about how the digital networked economy would impact social behaviour. Some posts go way back to diaries and travel journals from the early nineties, just as the first ripples of networked life started to be felt. It's only a scrapbook that I sometimes use in my teaching, but if you want, then you can find out more about this blog, or skip to some of the more popular posts, including how US presidential challenges made it online in 98, projects I helped out with in Ethiopia in 2000, what it was like to discover wireless hotspots in 2001, or challenges with internet access in Italy in '05. Remember it's only a private little space for random jottings; you're welcome to comment, but be polite to others and keep on topic. I hope you find it useful or interesting, and feel free to let me know. Home is where you hang your @, and you'll find mine around

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Note that as this is a private blogging space it doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Digital’s companies, its clients or partners.

Guest blogger: Alex Burmaster | European Internet Analyst | Nielsen Online »

As a regular guest blogger, Alex shares some of his insights from the Nielsen Online research tools to help unpack the behaviour of online audiences. Nielsen has been tracking online audiences since the mid nineties and their data helps unpack where people go on the web, how they interact with sites, and how firms convert that energy into commercial returns.

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Guest blogger: Jim Sterne | CEO | Target Marketing »

Jim Sterne is an international consultant who focuses on measuring the value of the Web as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Sterne has written eight books on using the Internet for marketing, is the Founding President and current Chairman of the Web Analytics Association and produces the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

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Guest blogger: Brewster Barclay | Managing Director, Business Development | Clickstream »

Brewster_Barclay.jpgBrewster Barclay has over 25 years of experience in the technology industries and for the last 6 years has been the Managing Director of Clickstream Technologies. Brewster is passionate about improving and simplifying data tracking for websites and taking it from the dark ages to a fully automated future.

Why is website optimization still so important and how to do it easily

Website optimisation is the art and science of improving the outcomes for the traffic that your marketing department has spent your precious pounds, dollars or euros on. Once your visitors land on your website, you are trying to encourage, cajole, direct them to take the next appropriate steps on each page that will, you hope, lead them down the path to conversion. Not quite a Damascene moment, you will never convert everyone, but there are techniques and methodologies which will increase your probability of conversion.

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