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William J Mitchell (The MIT Press, Massachusetts 2003)

January 2006


Chronicles of the future don't come richer, better grounded or more intense than Mitchell's trilogy of the networked world. Me ++ untangles the way fleshware weaves into the urban futurescape with such clarity and intensity you're left reeling. But here's a warning: if you are one of those who 'want a simpler life, choosing to unplug and to live off the grid in Idaho', then this is not for you. Mitchell describes himself as an electro-nomadic cyborg; 'Disconnection would be amputation. I am part of the networks, and the networks are part of me. I show up in the directories. I am visible to Google. I link therefore I am'. Mitchell is head of the MIT Lab's academic program in Media Arts and Sciences, and former dean of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning.


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