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Joseph Jaffe (Wiley, 2007)

April 2008

Join the conversationJoseph Jaffe challenges the status quo of marketing, bringing a confrontational freshness to the channel mix and the nature of consumer engagement. In the digital landscape brands need to build awareness and image by taking part in conversations, and this book explains both why and how. Firms need to accept a step-change in their relationships with customers, and ‘Conversations’ is a great catalyst for encouraging them to dare to think of a taking leap beyond the standard media plan or campaign idea. Marketing is changing, but not all firms will adapt.

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Series reviewer - Danny Meadows-Klue:

Reflecting on Joseph’s book and the review, what strikes me personally is how unprepared most marketers and their brands are in dealing with the switch to new models for working with their customers. Inside the digital industry sometimes we’re so close to the new era thinking that we can’t get the right sense of scale in terms of how most firms see the problem. Many brands lack the framework for even knowing how to approach conversational marketing, so it might be that of the routes that Joseph suggests for taking part, many firms should scale back their ambitions and just focus on step 1: listening to the existing conversations out on the web. It goes completely against my beliefs and passions because I’d like to see brands be bolder and more gutsy in what they do and how they get the message out, but here’s the hunch: once you listen you’ll hear stuff you want to take part in. And that could be the key to getting more brands on the road to joining the conversation.

Sharon Jaffe:

Joseph’s second book is even more refreshing than the first. Not just for those who studied and/or practice marketing (and are passionate about marketing) but also for every fan of a brand, user of a product out or audience exposed to advertising. This book examines the flaws in current day marketing, emphasizing the massive disconnect between advertising and its promises with actual customer needs. This is an enjoyable read with lots of examples and practical tips not just focusing on the problem today, but giving guidance and support towards solutions, helping its readers to be part of a new generation of marketers practicing “conversational marketing”. I believe Jaffe is a visionary and in 10 years time CMO’s WILL be replaced by CCO’s (Chief Conversational Officers) or at least I really, really, really hope so for all of us in the industry and all consumers out there.

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