Don't Make Me Think

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Steve Krug (New Riders, 2005)

June 2008

Don't Make Me Think Steve KrugIn 'Don't Make Me Think', author Steve Krug, a professional web usability consultant demystifies the subject of how people use the web with clear, practical--and often amusing--common sense advice and succinct examples.

The basic design principle is that the consumer should not have to think. i.e.: Don't Make Me Think. All the various points and tips focus n the premise that the users should be able to navigate around a well thought out and well designed site with minimal pain or strain.

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Perhaps it is interesting to note that Krug makes many assumptions: such as "We don't read pages--we scan them" and "We don't figure out how things work--we muddle through." Accepting his assumptions as fact is the first premise of web design he considers ‘A’ grade.

Full-colour screen shots, humorous cartoons and diagrams, and informative sidebars, provide and emphasise crucial points for navigation design, designing for scanning and home page layout. Much of the content is devoted to proper use of conventions and content layout and the wise use of copy, and the "before and after" examples are excellent. It concludes with methods of performing and interpreting your own usability tests.

Designers, programmers, writers, editors, and Webmasters and people who brief them, i.e. project managers, business planners, and marketing people), and even the people who sign the checks can benefit from Krug’s clearly explained, easily absorbed principles which provide interesting insight on how to actually plan and build a website.

'Don't Make Me Think' will give you an expert's ability to judge web design. A number of conventions have emerged among web site designers; it's instructive to have the perspective of someone who has watched many site visitors use or misuse sites based on conventions that designers understand but users may not. You will never take a website for granted again.

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