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Back in 2004 we set up the Digital Media Sales Academy to help portals, magazines and newspapers make a stronger and clearer case for the role of online advertising.

Since then we've taught it to teams from over 20 countries and developed advanced strands for sales directors as well as orientations courses for newcomers. We have 10 different courses to choose from and I thought you might like one of the recent companion guides because it gives a sense of the challenges marketers have with online media and reflects the questions sales teams are hit with. These are highlights of some of the issues during the last few months, and if you have questions, then we're taking the passwords off the online classroom so you can add yours

You can download the PDF from the link
here or read the summary below.

If you or your colleagues are looking for training this year in online sales, online ad operations, the marketing of online sites, or web media strategy, then why not see if we can help. With some of the world's leading media brands among the existing academy graduates you'll be in good company.

Danny Meadows-Klue
Danny Meadows-Klue
Founder and Chief Executive
Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Insight Report: Training tips from the Digital Classroom
Digital Insight Report

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Inside the Digital classroom: tips for media sales teams

What do you and your sales team want to know? How to explain the formats, count the impressions or plan the campaigns? Here's just a few of the questions other online advertising sales managers have asked our tutors.

Advertising formats: questions from sales teams

  • How do we lift people out of traditional media and get them ready to buy online?
  • What about selling online advertising?
  • Tips on selling cross media packages?
  • How to focus on selling just an online property?
  • Why are marketers reluctant to integrate social media and other digital channels?
  • How do you get advertisers to think about video for the web?
  • Selling contextual advertising and contextual TV sub-sites: how do we get agencies to be more proactive in producing proper online video ads?
  • How long should pre-roll videos be?

Web analytics: questions from sales teams

  • Web analytics just isn't clear to me. There are loads of technologies, but what are the different types of tools in all of this?
  • Where does Alexa fit in measurement?
  • Where do I start in web analytics?
  • What's the most under-used tool for online publishers?
  • How do online advertisers track and account for their conversions of searches into actual transactions / sales?
  • How do you get people up to speed with the metrics? That can be a real challenge...

Audience research: questions from sales teams

  • Where can I get more about audiences on the web and how they are developing? - I need this to sell advertising. It seems like there just isn't that much quality data around.
  • Where can I find more research about online ad effectiveness?
  • Is there any research that proves how the web creates sales on the high street?
  • Does the high percent of budgets, aforementioned in the report, allocated for advertising in search engines concern exclusively paid forms (sponsored links, AdWords, etc.) or does it also include the costs of positioning services and their optimisation? What is the relation of these forms of promotion?
  • What's the methodology for calculating online advertising spend? The numbers don't look comparable to other media.
  • How do you get to know your audience?

Online communities: questions from sales teams

  • How do you create an online social network?
  • How can you get the most from a reader panel?
  • How do you boost your content with comments and participation?
  • When people talk about writing for the web, what are the key things to keep in mind?
  • Why should I blog?

Online teams: questions from sales teams

  • How do you structure an online team?
  • What about the staffing for online communities?
  • Google - how do you get your stories discovered?
  • Should I do Search Engine Optimisation?
  • What are people's thoughts about putting search into their sites?
  • How do you get your viewers to watch more content?
  • Frequency capping: should we be charging extra?
  • Can I get blacklisted if I send e-mail newsletters?

Want to ask a question?
Inside the Digital classroom: hints and tips
Any Academy participant can send in questions, and our tutors guarantee to reply. It's as easy as clicking on this link and dropping your question into the discussion. Why not try it now?

Inside the Digital classroom: hints and tips
"Double your internet revenues every year for the next three years. 100%: that's the number." The chief executive of a magazine group is addressing his troops with a war cry that has been echoed around the publishing world since 2006.

But the more I hear it, the more I'm struggling with it.

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Danny Meadows-Klue
"Selling online advertising requires a strong understanding of how digital media work, and broad knowledge of digital marketing. Get the offer right and the web will deliver powerful impacts to clients' brands; but getting it right takes skill and experience. These tutor's tips from the Digital Media Sales Academy reflect a few of the more frequent questions we're asked. With agencies and clients still developing their approach, there's great scope for a media owner's sales team to deliver thought leadership."
Danny Meadows-Klue
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