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Digital's founder, Danny Meadows-Klue is often best known for his work in the creation and management of the UK's first online media trade association, the IAB. Back in the mid 90s Digital's founder helped draw together competing media groups and agencies to align their goals behind the creation of a trade association that could grow the market. The IAB in the UK was the second in the world, and Danny then went on to help other teams create more than 20 digital trade associations and initiatives as far afield as Mexico and New Zealand.

In 2000, the portals funding the UK IAB approached Digital to ask for support in turning the fledgling trade association that had previously been run by volunteers into an authoritative body, looking for a way to fast-track the development of the organisation to create a strong and robust focus for the industry. In 2001 the IAB's directors appointed Digital's team to key roles as Chief Executive, research executive and administration manager. By 2002 Digital had trebled the funding of the organisation, built a customer database and ERM programme, and set up its first offices. In 2003 they led the next wave of acceleration with new funding models, and intensive marketing programmes including the first national and regional conferences in Search Engine Marketing, Motoring and FMCG online marketing. By 2004 Digital had established the association's first publications, advertising campaigns and PR strategy. They had had trebled funding and membership again, building out a model that would give the association over €1.5m of funding in the next full year. The five year acceleration programme concluded at the start of 2005 with the formalisation of full time contracts for all staff and the handover to a new CEO. Digital were asked to provide support as non-executive directors and to oversee some of the more complex strategic issues in public affairs and industry standards.

The results: During Digital's tenure the industry increased in size from being smaller than the cinema industry to larger than the magazine industry, moving faster as a sector than any other country to record a higher share of spend going into online media than anywhere in the world. Digital's team are credited with directly transforming the UK marketing industry through the intensity of activities and the success of the association they created and ran.

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