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IAB Mexico: Accelerating a country's adoption of internet marketing

"Digital's team helped us learn about things we'd never thought about before. They really helped us to learn about how things can be done." - Bianca Loew, CEO, IAB Mexico

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The fastest growing IAB associationCoaching the management team in MexicoThe largest digital conference in Central America

Challenges don't come bigger than this, but in 2005 this is exactly what Digital were invited to do. The use of internet marketing in Mexico was tiny, confined to a handful of marketers and just a few international agencies. Audiences were climbing steadily, but the culture was almost a decade behind its North American neighbour; a big change was needed. MSN and Yahoo approached us to explore how the Mexican market could be accelerated. They'd seen how Digital's team had helped push the UK to become the highest adopting internet advertising market in the world through our work to create and then accelerate the IAB trade association (which our team ran for almost five years). They also knew our directors had supported the launch of more than 20 other digital trade associations and initiatives around the world and by tapping into that expertise they might achieve in three years, what the market by itself may take six or more to deliver.

Working with key stakeholders, Digital sent a team to Mexico to develop the strategy for a new trade association and the acceleration of Mexican marketing, developing a mission and vision that would align key stakeholders, and an operational plan for its activities in marketing, research and standards. Digital's challenge was how to focus the association and its stakeholders so that their energies could be targeted at exactly the right points in the market to achieve a step-change in the sector. Once the plan was in place it was supported with two years of distance coaching for the directors, and a series of support projects that included the strategy for events, research and marketing initiatives. The results? One of the fastest switches to digital marketing of any country, the fastest industry advertising spend research study to be implemented and the largest conferences and conventions in the shortest space of time. Digital's team read the landscape, devised the plan and followed through to ensure the market changed, supporting the operational team with the right advice at the right time.

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