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Nectar Loyalty Cards: online communities and digital strategy

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When Nectar's parent company were looking for additional input to give them the edge in online strategy and marketing, they chose Digital. The UK's market leading loyalty card programme has a reputation for cutting edge marketing, and a business model that has aligned leading high street brands behind a single transferable card scheme. Their understanding of personal data is second to none and their marketing skills are world class. That's the typical background of a firm who engages Digital's team, because together the Digital training Academy and Digital Strategy Consulting can give world leaders a commercial edge.

The brief was to help the organisation see new possibilities and models by engaging with consumers through the internet. This translated into a stream of activities that would seek to build enthusiasm among all team members, create goal alignment among the marketing strategists, build insights among the board of directors, and help the digital leads in the business develop product and content strategies for expanding the business activities. Waves of training activities were carried out from large scale breakfasts for over 100 people to an intensive Digital Community and Web 2.0 Academy for the product development team.

The results? A revitalised digital strategy, new web-centric product launches, and a roadmap of actions and plans for the next year.

Perspectives from the Loyalty Management team: “Digital’s training workshops raised many new issues for us. The rise of user generated content is something we wanted to understand in order to build communities around our products. When it comes to the challenges of building communities on the web we needed to understand what to take into consideration. We were also looking at how to manage the community and reward its most active contributors. Make people come back to web pages is a familiar challenge and we needed additional input in this area as well. Getting website marketing right involves covering many areas and we were interested to learn from Digital how we could tell others about the site”

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