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About Digital Strategy Consulting Limited; making sense of a digital world

Founded in 2000, Digital Strategy Consulting is a privately owned boutique practice that supports agencies, advertisers and media owners who want the most from the digital networked economy. Created by Danny Meadows-Klue - one of the UK's early online publishers and co-founder of the Interactive Advertising Bureau trade associations in many countries - Digital is a network of experienced digital media and marketing directors who now share their skills with a range of clients rather than taking in-house full time directorships. These people typify the freeform generation that have discovered new ways to work and the consultancy itself adopts an innovative operational model enabled by digital technologies.

There are two sides to the business:

  • Knowledge transfer; preparing people and organisations for the digital networked economy
  • Strategy and implementation; getting the right framework in place and then making it happen

Knowledge transfer and training

In a market moving this fast it's tough to keep up. Firms can tap into the knowledge of industry leaders each with a decade of digital marketing experience and have some of Britain's digital pioneers on their team at the flick of a switch. This is straight-talking, jargon free and down to earth staff development; that shows how digital marketing can fit right in to any business. Courses are designed around strong learning outcomes to help achieve immediate commercial results.

Through effective training companies create change and can then reap the rewards of the digital networked economy.

Courses range from short seminars and half day workshops, through one day intensives to five day programmes and longer term mentoring. The level is customised to fit the learners needs and we continue to dedicate some time to teaching on university Masters' courses, as well as in-company craft skills for marketing teams, broad based training for managers, and mentoring and advising chief executives.


Our consulting is supported by a network of senior digital media and marketing directors, most with a decade of experience that can be plugged into a firm's business straight away. Our work ranges from providing healthchecks on company strategies to their project management and implementation.

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Sign up for our press briefing service: Digital Strategy Consulting runs a press briefing service, providing background information and commentary for journalists about a range of interactive topics, and an access point for information about the online industry. Writers should contact us by email for more.

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