Snapchat has launched 3D Paint - a way to overlay colourful 3D drawings on your face and the world around you, directly from the Snapchat camera.

3D Paint is available through the AR Bar, which was first announced back in April as a dedicated space at the bottom of the Snapchat camera for Snapchatters to create and browse AR content.

Users can access the 3D Paint feature via the Create button in the AR Bar, and they can manually draw visuals on top of their faces through the selfie camera, or atop whatever they see in front of them through the main rear-facing camera. It’s not unlike the AR Doodle feature that Samsung launched alongside its Note10 smartphone lineup a couple of months back.


The latest launch represents part of a growing AR investment push from Snap that in the past couple of months alone has included raising $1 billion in debt and launching new dual-camera Spectacles capable of creating 3D AR content.