Corporate social responsibility work

Using our skills to help charities and social causes since 2000

2011 sustainability and recycling

We’re passionate about recycling and reducing the environmental impact of businesses. This is one of the guiding principles in our digital strategy and training programmes, and for more than 10 years we’ve been showing media companies and big brands how to switch their communications from publishers, posters and direct mail, into digital media.

With thousands of newspapers, book publishers and magazines touched by our training and strategy projects, this means billions fewer square meters of paper. In our training we aim for 50% of material to be digitally delivered, though create printed study guides because of their effectiveness as a training tool, so we print on recycled materials, and for over 10 years have recycled more than 97% of office waste.

Environmental charities we’ve supported include Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund WWF, that latter of which we donated consultancy time to advise the global team in Switzerland on the improvement of their own communications. For more information on our environmental policies, contact your project leads here at digital.

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