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2015: £60,000 award to help start-ups and the next generation of digital talent, the Collider accelerator

csr1.JPGWe restarted our support of start-ups, helping nurture the next generation of digital talent. Collider is a start-up accelerator focused on the marketing and advertising space, finding start-ups with transformative ideas for improving the effectiveness of marketing communications. They nurture startups who help brands and agencies identify, understand, engage with and sell to their consumers. They invest capital in these startups, coach them through a highly structured programme and connect them to potential corporate customers and investors. The aim of the game is to help these startups become sustainable, rapidly growing businesses. The thing that defines them is the laser focus on the sweet spot between startups and brands, and the action-orientated outputs. This means they invest specifically in technology startups that are building disruptive platforms, products and services that enable brands to better engage, understand and sell to their consumers.
They fuse ambitious founders with progressive brands and specialist investors. They inject smart capital, expert coaching and forge commercial connections. Through productive collaboration, they foster the fastest route to product-market fit, follow-on funding, competitive edge and revenue. Their work fits with our core values, and the believe that digital will continue to be disruptive on today’s business models.

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