Corporate social responsibility work

Using our skills to help charities and social causes since 2000

2018: CSR £50,000 Digital Partnership Award: Submissions now open

Everyone likes Christmas cards, Easter Eggs and Thanksgiving gifts, but at Digital we think our friends would rather we did something more valuable with the money and time we’d be spending on seasonal goodies. Our skills are in marketing strategy, digital strategy and leadership coaching, so we give an award to let charities, social organisations, not-for-profits and good causes benefit from our support. We particularly focus on those who:

  • Use the internet in education as a game-changer for their causes

  • Aim to protect consumers who need help navigating the digital landscape

  • Create the next generation of talent

We’ve donated over £3/4m since the awards began and submissions for this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility award is now open. For application details, write to with details of how you think we could help you, and what your team. The award team will then be in touch and talk you through the process. This year we’re looking for examples of how small internet budgets can have a massive impact on communications, especially within global charities or government policy groups where strategic input from us on their content or communication plans can be amplified to improve the lives of millions.

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