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2016: SystemIQ

systemIQ%20CSR%202.jpgAs the demands of today’s world outstrip resources available, society needs to find new solutions. This means thinking differently around the systems used by all of us and finding some new approaches.
From corporations to capital, cities to care management, we need to develop new systems for funding, management and growth that will befit future generations. This is arguably the biggest of all challenges today, and we selected SystemIQ to benefit from our support.
This fusion of think-tank and funding operation understands how vital systems operate in ways that are uneconomic and unsustainable. Their leaders know how system failures create costs in the trillions and weaken the economy, environment and society.
They are a new kind of enterprise designed specifically to tackle system failures by mobilising talent and capital to cultivate, incubate and scale solutions that accelerate system change and deliver improved economic, environmental and social value.

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