Corporate social responsibility work

Using our skills to help charities and social causes since 2000

2017: Support to strengthen education and debate

We believe the web is a massive force for good and a driver to change and improve society. This has been part of our belief since the start of our work to accelerate brands and organizations back in 2000. Sadly 2016 and 2017 saw a new trend in fake news and social divisiveness in the UK, the USA and many of the more mature digital markets.
Against that backdrop, our team considered where they could support and help the quality of public debate. Democracies rely on strong access to impartial information, and effective mechanisms for leaders to be able to communicate through the media, which has become to mean social media. We identified that lawmakers here in the UK may find some of our senior communications management programmes useful and we set up a fund of €40k for advanced coaching on social media. These sessions help lawmakers learn more about what the landscape can offer and how to engage effectively.

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