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Brand Republic: Marketing Society Question of the Week

Woolworth's success needed the high street model

Like many who grew up aching for Saturday’s trip to the pic'n'mix counter, it was sad to see the great Woolies brand hurtle into the abyss - but hardly unexpected. Woolworth's thrived on an offering a mile wide and an inch deep; the most generalist of high street retailers with branches large enough to have something for everyone, but too small to have choice. Woolies wasn’t simply on the high street, it was a product of the high street retail model. That's why its success online is far from guaranteed.

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Social Media Analysis

By Danny Meadows-Klue
June 24th 2009

Social media changed the nature of marketing. Facebook, MySpace and YouTube went from tiny start-ups to form a new centre of gravity in people's web experience. Now social media is on every marketer's agenda it's critical to get it right.

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Media and the Digital Networked Society

Danny Meadows-Klue in interview in Wirtschaftsblatt, Austria

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Danny Meadowes Klue: Tough times, smart decisions

Customer Strategy Magazine

8th April 2009

2009 is a not the best year to be a marketing director. Consumer confidence shattered, spending fragile and finance directors rightly paranoid about everything the firm commits to. The bitter irony is that against that bleak backdrop, marketing directors are expected to deliver the impossible.


Customer Strategy Articles: Getting social media marketing right

Customer Strategy Magazine

26th March 2009

Blogs, online communities, social media and then social networks: they have permanently changed marketing. In this new landscape brands are in a constant dialogue with customers who increasingly play critical roles in advocacy and recommendation. The brand is only one guest among millions and the challenge for marketers is that while the rewards may be great, the risks are greater.


Marketing: tiempos difíciles, decisiones difíciles, soluciones inteligentes

2009 es un año terrible para la industria de la publicidad. No se puede evitar el ciclo de disminución de la confianza del consumidor, disminución del consumo, menores ventas, menores ganancias y presupuestos de marketing menores.


Social Networking World Forum commentary

15th March 2009

I would also like to mention the excellent presentation from Danny Meadows-Klue of Digital Training Academy. Danny’s presentation was broken down into 10 digestible tips when it comes to promoting a brand using Social Media.


News Articles: Face-To-Face Takes Off With 54 Per Cent Visitor Number Increase at TFM&A

Customer Strategy Magazine

26th Feb 2009

Such educational features included five big name keynotes all attracting huge crowds keen to hear the latest industry ideas and trends. Over the two days Google, Facebook, Saatchi & Saatchi, Oracle and Danny Meadows-Klue enticed a total of 2,462 attendees. Each session was also streamed into a second theatre following a stupendous turnout.


The Insider: Social media, the Wispa bar and consumer power

Customer Strategy Magazine

26th Feb 2009

The session was chaired by Danny Meadows-Klue the founder of the Digital training Academy - and I was struck the very first thing Danny said which was ‘consumers are ahead of brands’. I also video interviewed Danny and he repeated his remark that consumers are ahead of brands - and always have been.


Self regulation of digital marketing


February 2009

Danny Meadows-Klue is the newly appointed Commissioner for the DMC, the self-regulatory body created by the marketing industry to oversee standards in the direct marketing industry. In this industry interview he explains why it's everyone who needs to play a part.

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New Media Advertising

Danny Meadows-Klue talks about the current trends in online advertising at the British Screen Advisory Council (BSAC).

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Beating recession with the IAB: Easy peasy, innit?

4th November 2008

Is it my imagination, or has the number of sponsored supplements in Media Guardian increased since the “demise” (TM Roy Greenslade) of Press Gazette?

Oh well: I suppose that these things are a fact of journalistic life — a bit like moral hazard in the banking profession.

The latest one is an 8-page sponsored effort underwritten by the Internet Advertising Bureau — the trade body that represents Britain’s digital ad agencies and keeps us in a state of perpetual admiration for the sector’s soaraway growth rate.


Danny Meadows-Klue joins DMC DM Weekly

31 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission (DMC), the independent regulator for the UK direct marketing industry, has appointment IAB co-founder Danny Meadows-Klue to its board of commissioners.

Meadows-Klue’s appointment aims to strengthen the DMC’s expertise in the regulation of online advertising, email, social media and emerging digital platforms.


Danny Meadows-Klue joins DMC

Precision Marketing

30 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission (DMC), the independent regulator for the UK direct marketing industry, has appointment IAB co-founder Danny Meadows-Klue to its board of commissioners.


Former IAB chief joins Direct Marketing Commission


29 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission (DMC) has appointed Danny Meadows-Klue, former president of the IAB, to its Board of Commissioners.

The trade body said the appointment will its expertise in the regulation of online advertising, email, social media and emerging digital platforms.


Direct Marketing Commission brings in Meadows-Klue for digital focus

Brand Republic

29 October 2008

LONDON - The Direct Marketing Commission has recruited Danny Meadows-Klue to its board to strengthen its expertise in regulating online advertising, email, social media and emerging digital platforms.

Meadows-Klue, who co-founded the Interactive Advertising Bureau and was its first CEO, worked on the first self-regulatory codes for online advertising ten years ago.


New trade body: bark but no bite?

Catalogue e-business

28 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission (DMC), a self-regulatory body for the UK direct marketing industry, launched in September to tackle complaints across all disciplines of direct marketing including direct mail, email, SMS, interactive television, telemarketing and online.


DM body to launch 'scam alert' drive for consumers Marketing Week

27 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission is launching a consumer campaign to tackle the glut of direct mail consumers are receiving as financial services companies attempt to capitalise on the economic downturn.


DM body to launch 'scam alert' drive for consumers

Marketing Week

23 October 2008

The Direct Marketing Commission is launching a consumer campaign to tackle the glut of direct mail consumers are receiving as financial services companies attempt to capitalise on the economic downturn.


It’s about digital training, insights and leadership


June 2008

By Danny Meadows-Klue

In most countries there’s a 3-5 year lag between where audiences place their attention and where marketers place budgets. That’s the pattern I’ve tracked since the mid 90s across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Brands everywhere still struggle deeply with how to harness digital channels. At over 16% of adspend, the web in the UK may have the highest share of media budgets worldwide, but the behaviour of any two firms within the same sector varies radically. One may have little more than a brochure-ware site, while its competitor could be generating buzz on Facebook, leads from Google, impacts through in-game ads, engagement on its content platform and intimacy through relationship marketing. Of the 30 or so factors that shape online advertising uptake in a country, the digital skills crisis is key - but inside each firm, training needs to tackle the cultural frameworks, silos and structures to let digital marketing release its real potential.

Search Engine Marketing – Getting Your Brand Found

Marketing manager's yearbook

29 April 2008

As UK online ad spend crosses 15% of total media spend and leaps 38% year-on-year, Danny Meadows-Klue reflects on why half this investment goes to search engines, and explores some of the critical elements that brands should take to get themselves effectively listed.

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The secrets of successful corporate blogging

Insight Magazine, Redwood Publishing

February 2008

Copy available on request

Helping pharmaceutical brands unlock the power of the web

Danny Meadows-KlueDanny Meadows-Klue in conversation with Pharmaceutical Marketing magazine about the power and potential of digital channels in helping pharma brands reach their target customer.

Readers could post their questions in our online marketing classroom

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Web 2.0: Marketing to the Facebook generation

Journal of Digital, Direct and Data Marketing

January 2008

A white paper by Danny Meadows-Klue

Copy available on request

Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship marketing for the Facebook generation

Until now the relationship between brands and consumers has been one way. The rules of marketing had to change, and the web has proved a catalyst in bringing the changes forward and amplifying their scale. The removal of frictions in the spread of information has created a radically different landscape for marketers to work within and this is a key element in understanding how the first generation of internet marketing works. The sudden emergence of the Web 2.0 marketing techniques demand additional approaches, and while most marketers are still wrestling with the first generation, savvy brands are exploring the landscape that social media and social networks create for marketers. These techniques are allowing much deeper drivers in social change to be unleashed, with a profound impact on planning customer connections. The new generation of relationship marketing responds to the additional challenges of digital media literacy, and in the right hands can trigger a rebuild of the entire marketing mix. Relationship marketing for the Facebook generation demands both thinking and acting differently.

PDFDownload the article from Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice (2008)

Marketing to the digital healthcare community

October 2007

How the impact of digital networking on healthcare marketing is leaving some marketers and their brands behind...

Seven years ago, I found myself rummaging around under desks in a stark concrete basement at the end of a neglected corridor, under the teaching hospital in Addis Ababa. We were laying Ethernet cables next to the pathology lab to connect the first computing network, in the first computing room, of Ethiopia’s first teaching hospital. It was one of digital’s early corporate social responsibility projects, and although I was there to think about what would come down these telecom pipes,

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Digital in Croatia

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Zagreb - Read Danny Meadows-Klue's interview in Marketing.Up magazine.

Trends in online advertising

Danny Meadows-Klue in interview for FutureAd, Croatia

Feb 19th 2007

What are the predominant trends in online advertising?
Online marketing is now mainstream, From the smallest one-man business to the largest corporate, digital marketing tools are now a core part of the mix. That's a big leap in just a few years, and while the percentages may vary radically between firms, the reality is that every business is changing; refocusing its marketing to embrace digital channels deeply.

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Web 2.0 is not an internet bubble

10/01/07 Warsaw

In an interview for Internet Standard (Polish equivalent of Industry Standard) Danny Meadows-Klue discusses the current challenges for marketers naming the seven deadly sins which are most often committed while going digital. Reflecting on new trends he explains that Web 2.0 is not a new Internet bubble despite the fact it is incredibly popular and commonly misused by many firms. Danny summarizes: "Web 2.0 is one of the main rules for digital publishing, businesses based on Web 2.0 are run in a completely different way".

The interview is available here in Polish: Web 2.0 to nie bańka internetowa

IDG technology magazine (Brazil)


The biggest challenge for magazine groups is the business model. It's not about having a great online magazine; that was the goal back in the mid nineties, but the game's changed. Business magazines live in a place where buyers and sellers come together, they aggregate a niche audience by providing great editorial and make them reachable to advertisers. They're a product of live before the digital networked society, and in the long term the magazine model simply doesn't stack up online. Business publishers need to reinvent their model online and re-earn their place in the value chain. It's a tall order, and let's be frank: many will not make the transition. Danny Meadows-Klue is the CEO of the Digital Training Academy, a business strategy group that trains media companies for the new digital environments.

New York Times


Comments from Danny Meadows-Klue, in interview with the New York Times on how the UK came to leap ahead of the US in the percentage of ad spend that goes into online.

The UK crossed its tipping point over three years ago. Remember that the UK ad industry has always been brave and experimental, and you need to see the leap to online in that context. I was running the IAB in the UK back then, and massive marketing efforts from the trade associations, combined with rapid product development from the global online media groups, and an explosion of broadband use, together created a climate where the desire for experimentation could be turned into action.

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Comments today on the issues of training


“Reskilling Britain’s marketers is no small task. Every firm needs to be embracing digital sales and marketing channels, and this scale of change brings with it some vast training needs. While smart firms have been investing in training for a long time, many HR managers simply don’t have the budgets they need because their firms haven’t yet acknowledged the importance of training in their sudden stepchange to embrace digital channels. Every chief marketing officer needs their firms support to make this happen.” Danny Meadows-Klue

Search ads: Spreading the word

By Eric Pfanner International Herald Tribune


When Google and eBay announced an international advertising partnership last week, they did more than just bring together two of the most powerful players on the Internet. The deal also underlined the growing primacy of search-based advertising, a business that Google pioneered, over more "traditional" kinds of online ads like banners or pop-ups.

Search ads: Spreading the word - Full story

Where are all the digital marketers?



Following the creation by Digital of a series of our academies for the IAB’s Progress initiative, this article by Ben Carter outlined some of the reasons why the skills gap is so great. Full text available on

Publicitários de olho na web

IDG technology magazine (Brazil)


Danny Meadows-Klue conta porque os profissionais de marketing são atraídos pela internet.

Por que os profissionais responsáveis pelo marketing de grandes marcas no Brasil estão prontos para seguir o estilo dos seus colegas da Europa e América do Norte? Eles estão mudando o estilo de operação para online e aproveitando a rápida arrancada do sucesso.

Danny Meadows-Klue calls on Swedish marketers to unlock the potential of their brands by seizing online

Dagens Media online


Contact Marketing Magazine

Profile of Danny Meadows-Klue


Copy available on request

Training Journal

Article about Danny Meadows-Klue


Copy available on request

Marketing Week

Digital Europe: A double page spread on Digital's latest Insight Report


Copy available on request


IAB completes strategic review and plan for European interactive association


Marketing Week

IAB UK hunts Meadows-Klue successor


Copy available on request

BBC News

Ten years of selling in cyberspace



Europe Goes After the Cookie


BBC News

Ad firms beat the bust


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