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June 2008

By Danny Meadows-Klue

In most countries there’s a 3-5 year lag between where audiences place their attention and where marketers place budgets. That’s the pattern I’ve tracked since the mid 90s across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Brands everywhere still struggle deeply with how to harness digital channels. At over 16% of adspend, the web in the UK may have the highest share of media budgets worldwide, but the behaviour of any two firms within the same sector varies radically. One may have little more than a brochure-ware site, while its competitor could be generating buzz on Facebook, leads from Google, impacts through in-game ads, engagement on its content platform and intimacy through relationship marketing. Of the 30 or so factors that shape online advertising uptake in a country, the digital skills crisis is key - but inside each firm, training needs to tackle the cultural frameworks, silos and structures to let digital marketing release its real potential.

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