Danny Meadows-Klue

Chief Executive Digital Training Academy & Digital Strategy Consulting, digital strategist and marketing coach

With more than 15 years experience in digital media and online marketing, Danny was acknowledged by the Department for Trade and Industry as one of the 100 founders of the UK’s digital industry.

Danny has been a leading figure in the UK internet industry since 95, consistently ranked as one of its most influential players. He helped to create and run many of the industry trade associations, developed international best practices in online marketing and pioneered web publishing. He has helped thousands of firms across 30 countries get more from their businesses by using digital tools and channels effectively. He now coaches management teams, helping them accelerate their businesses and transform their organizations.

Danny Meadows-Klue: Roles in industry

  • Direct Marketing Commission: Inaugural commissioner for the first UK self-regulatory organization for direct digital communication: 2008 to present
  • Government advisor: member of various advisory boards for policy in the digital sectors, political advisor to UK government ministers
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe: European President 2001- 2005, inaugural Chief Executive 2004-6
  • Internet Advertising Bureau UK: Chairman 1999-2003, Chief Executive 2001-2005, non-exec director 1998 to 2006, co-founder 1997
  • Institute of Direct Marketing: Councils, inaugural chair of digital examinations (2001-present), Digital Journal editorial board (1998-present), strategic advisor, European advisor, syllabus writer & lecturer 2001 to present
  • Commentator, author and columnist on digital media and business strategy
  • Long term industry association roles have included: JICWEBS, JICNET, JICIMS, Advertising industry initiatives with the Advertising Association, Digital Content Forum, OnFA, Tank, AdMonsters and dozens of industry taskforces
  • Investment advisor for venture capital and private equity funds 1998-present
  • University lecturer and various educational advisory boards
  • BBC TV: Internet correspondent, producer and presenter (1998-2000)
  • British Internet Publishers’ Alliance: cofounder, board director and special advisor to chairman 1998-2001
  • Conference lecturer: 30 countries across UK, Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa
  • Columnist: National press, trade magazines, websites in 20 countries

Danny Meadows-Klue: Conferences and keynotes

  • More than 40,000 people have attended Danny’s talks, workshops and training courses in over 30 countries
  • Danny has delivered over 350 keynote speeches and spoken at more than 1400 media and marketing events

Danny Meadows-Klue: Background

At the heart of the industry he has pioneered revenue maximization strategies, content management and brand development to help build sustainable business models through understanding the relationship between customers, content, community and commerce. His digital media career began with United News and Media where he had trained as a traditional newspaper and magazine publisher and began research into digital publishing practices. In 1995 he was recruited by The Telegraph to be the brand manager of the UK’s first online newspaper Telegraph.co.uk. He helped run it for five years, launching numerous websites and stewarding the brand to win Internet Newspaper of the Year every year he was publisher. At the start of 2000 he joined NBC’s Internet business – one of the world’s top ten online companies at the time - as European Vice President for Content and Product. He has managed a range of online firms including: retailers, portals, search services, email, media brands and agency design services.

“We’re still at the beginning of the journey to the digital networked society; the biggest changes are yet to come”

As a digital industry leader he has helped launch more than a dozen digital trade associations around the world and participated in many more UK and European industry initiatives. After co-founding the Internet Advertising Bureau in the UK and Europe, he was invited to chair it for four years and then take the inaugural Chief Executive roles. He developed government policy through various government advisory groups and policy boards, and in education he has helped launch several university masters’ courses in e-commerce, e-publishing and e-marketing and continues lecturing in interactive media management and marketing. At the IDM he has sat on various Councils for around 10 years, chairs the e-marketing examinations board, and helps steward the Journal of Interactive Marketing through its editorial board. As an accomplished author, lecturer, broadcaster and commentator he is a familiar figure in the trade and national press, and broadcast media. Magazines such as New Media Age have acknowledged him as being the most influential person in the industry, and he has been nominated three times for lifetime contribution awards for interactive media. In 1999 he was part of the team nominated for the first digital BAFTA and last year was recognized by the government as one of the 100 founders of Britain’s digital industry. Away from the digital world, Danny is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, compulsive traveler, keen mountain-biker, photographer, and if the waters are warm enough, a PADI master scuba instructor.

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