Digital marketing for small businesses

Simple digital marketing techniques any small business can use to improve its digital marketing

At the Digital Strategy Consulting group we specialise in helping large organisations develop stronger digital approaches. With thousands of small businesses asking for our support, here are simple digital marketing techniques any small business can use internally to improve its digital marketing today.

Ten simple steps for getting on the right track

Web_marketing_coverAs hundreds of thousands of small British firms start to harness the power of the web to get customers, maintain relationships and sell direct, this simple guide provides a checklist of practical steps many have found useful. Every firm can benefit from online marketing, and as the techniques have matured, they've become simple to use.

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Five steps: To get up and running

5_steps1.    Build: How will you enhance the website? What is working best? What are your customers looking for? What do you need to do to achieve higher conversions?

2. Market: Which types of search engine keywords worked for you? How many leads did you get? How much did they spend?

3. Talk: What caused your customers to respond? And how did the response vary between the different segments of your customer base, the timing of the mailings and the offers?

4. Observe: Which data are most useful for your business to track? Can you select some key performance indicators that will act as a monitoring system for your web marketing? Do you or your partners need to install tracking tools? Invest in your web analytics so you can hear what your customers are really saying.

5. Refine: Refine the plan and decide what are the changes you'll make.

Five steps to unlock further growth

5_steps_nextDuring this second phase you will be exploring more sophisticated web marketing tools, but don't forget to carry on nurturing the search engine and email campaigns you started with.

For these new tools, here are some more questions you might want to ask:
Community: Which sites are the most effective? How are you measuring that effectiveness? What other relationships can you explore with them?
Distribute: What are the factors influencing your performance in the affiliate networks? How can you extend your distribution to reach even more customers? Can you tap into the private networks of your customers' own friends and family, or those of their business partners?
Be quick: How can you make decisions and get feedback faster? Your marketing can be switched on and off quickly in online, so you can experiment more easily than in other media channels.
Learn: Being able to learn how these new tools work, and then act on what your team has learned, is key to making the most of your online marketing. With the connection between marketing and results much tighter and more accountable than other media channels, smaller firms who can change their processes to absorb the learning that comes with each campaign will be better placed to maximize their return on investment and customer acquisition.

Digital marketing research for small businesses

Keep up to date with the new topics in digital marketing with our free weekly digital marketing research service for small businesses. Digital Intelligence is a digest of all the news and research that affects you and your colleagues. Take a look at today's news and then tell us what topics you'd like in the weekly email edition.

Digital marketing case studies for small businesses

Find out how other small businesses use digital marketing to gain their competitive edge. There are more than 1000 case studies of excellent digital marketing campaigns and approaches, structured by industry sector, digital marketing platform, and marketing goals. This gives you concrete examples of how other firms have unlocked a step-change in the effectiveness of their marketing or their whole business.

Digital marketing strategy for small businesses

If your small business could use digital marketing strategy advice from an experienced digital strategist, then let us know the topics of interest. Strategic advice is available to MDs and heads of marketing through simple workshops and telephone conference calls in the USA, UK, Western Europe, Singapore and many more countries.

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