Five steps: To get up and running

Simple digital marketing techniques any small business can use to improve its digital marketing

5_steps1.    Build: How will you enhance the website? What is working best? What are your customers looking for? What do you need to do to achieve higher conversions?

2. Market: Which types of search engine keywords worked for you? How many leads did you get? How much did they spend?

3. Talk: What caused your customers to respond? And how did the response vary between the different segments of your customer base, the timing of the mailings and the offers?

4. Observe: Which data are most useful for your business to track? Can you select some key performance indicators that will act as a monitoring system for your web marketing? Do you or your partners need to install tracking tools? Invest in your web analytics so you can hear what your customers are really saying.

5. Refine: Refine the plan and decide what are the changes you'll make.

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