Digital Marketing Audits

Getting more value from your digital marketing

  • You have a website, email and search marketing – but are you doing the right thing?
  • Could you get better ROI, and at a lower cost?
  • Our audits show what’s working, what’s not, and how to change
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Digital Marketing Audits

Getting the best value from your digital channels demands understanding what works and why. In a fast changing environment, many brands have websites and email programmes that are years behind best practice, failing to engage their stakeholders, generate leads, build brand equity and create the real value they could.

A digital marketing audit provides the fast track to understand how your digital investments are working and what’s needed to accelerate ROI. They give an expert view, independent of your teams, agencies and stakeholders. They deliver insights quickly and include key recommendations as well as prioritizing critical issues.

On this page we included a few words of background about digital marketing audits, but to find out how this could work for you and your business, simply email the team and we’ll find a time to meet or arrange a conference call if you’re outside the UK. Email us on

Digital Marketing Audits

Why a digital marketing audit?


Experienced external eyes, independent of your agency and your brand team can identify how your budgets could work harder. Typically this doesn’t mean spending more, just changing the balance of where budgets and attention are focused. We’ll show you how to improve the effectiveness of your agency briefings and raise the value of the time your team spend on digital channels.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve more while spending less, email

  • Provides expert digital insight
  • Provides independent, external, impartial review
  • Validates communications against their objectives
  • Validates ability to optimise delivery of specific objectives

Typical issues we look at...

  • Optimising your online media planning to ation is achieved by gettingget the right messages to the right audience at the right times through the right media
  • Improving the open rates in your email programmes
  • Reviewing whether you have the right comms channels in the marketing mix
  • Reviewing the relative value and ROI of investments in each channel

There are three levels of Digital Communications Audit available

  1. Simple healthchecks: Fast reviews of key communications to rhighlight improvements that will boost effectiveness, stand-out, engagement and conversion
  2. Integrated communications audits: Deep reviews of the channel mix, marketing processes and marketing structures with detailed gap analysis to identify priorities, quick wins and strategic wins as well as cost savings and streamlined processes
  3. Capability audits: Reviews of the digital marketing machine including team competencies, agency capabilities, briefing processes and the infrastructure to deliver digital marketing that works

The audit can be as deep as you need; the deeper the requirement, the more information and engagement from your team is needed. To find out more about how we can help you achieve more while spending less, email


Appreciating where digital marketing really fits

The digital audits were initially designed for brands using digital media intensively, firms with a decade of digital comms experience who wanted external support – independent of their agencies – to deliver key recommendations for how to achieve bigger results without bigger budgets.
Today we deliver them for brands large and small with digital budgets in their tens of millions or tens of thousands.

One of the techniques we use is to review the specific customer journey for your key customers, so when you talk with our team, start by thinking which points in the journey have the greatest concentration of marketing connections at the moment, then email our team and we’ll look for a time convenient to meet if you’re in the UK, or conference call if you’re in North America or Asia - email
digital marketing audi
digital marketing audit

Free advice for small businesses

Because the Digital Strategy team are not accessible to small businesses, we developed this simple checklist to help any marketer start thinking about the value of their communications and how they can identify the areas for improvement.

The centre of gravity may have migrated to digital channels, but that doesn't mean marketing managers are spending digital budgets wisely. In today's cash-strapped world, an audit of digital marketing effectiveness is the fast track for uncovering ways to save budgets that are not working, and where to maximise budgets that could work much harder. This short guide gives marketing managers some of the key steps in starting that process.

Many firms get less than 40% of the ROI they could from their digital marketing. Minor changes - such as clearer calls to action, simpler sign-ups for email and clearer messaging in banner advertising - can have a dramatic effect on the impact of web marketing. That's why auditing your digital marketing can quickly unlock where the problems are, and help brand managers move budgets to where they will work hardest

Here's a few steps any firm can take straight away...

1. Follow the customer's journey through one of your digital marketing campaigns

  • Look for effective handovers from search engine pages deep into your site
  • Consider the customer's experience of your landing page
  • Review the marketing goal of each web page and look for improvements

2. Relationship marketing and segmentation

  • Critically analyse your segmentation strategy and how decision-makers, influencers and other stakeholders are treated by your business
  • Examine how customers are converted and the connection to relationship marketing programmes

3. Measuring performance and your marketing KPIs

  • Check you're capturing marketing and audience activity data effectively
  • Consider which data are most meaningful for your business
  • Review or set the key performance indicators based on what matters most, for example: number of site visitors that match target profile, number of conversion rates for email sign-ups, dwell time etc – but find the right KPIs for your specific goals rather than simply using page impressions and email sign-ups

4. Explore the cost per impact

  • Develop a model for calculating the cost per impact for customers in your digital channels
  • Review the different types of impacts you have and weight them to reflect the value they give the business
  • Repeat the process with classic media, and traditional sales and marketing channels



Example issues: What we’d be looking for…


Digital Audit Action Plan

For small firms running their internal audits without Digital Strategy consultants, here are a couple of quick tips on what to look for…

  • Look for the quick wins to free up budget and time
  • Identify strategic wins to improve the effectiveness of your marketing processesExamine how the agency briefing and management process can be improved
  • Ruthlessly prioritize what you find and tackle them strictly in order of the biggest wins first

Digital Marketing Audits

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