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The Digital Networked Society is the way we describe society after people have embraced the internet and the new connected technologies.

Digital Networked Society

The Digital Networked Society is the way we describe society after people have embraced the internet and the new connected technologies. As individuals, when we become connected together through the internet and mobile networks, we start behaving differently. These behaviours cross social, economic, cultural and political disciplines and are clear for individuals, family and business units, broader 'tribes', and ultimately society as a whole. Access to networked information changes our expectations of the information and services we should each have access to, and this in turn changes our behaviour. As the scope of these services develops, our expectations and behaviours shift again. The dramatic leaps during the last twenty years in digital networked communication have created new social and economic landscapes that firms need to understand in order to succeed. These range from our expectations of unlimited book space at online retailers such as Amazon, to more flexible notions of value and price accelerated by eBay. They immediacy of email, instant messenger, and later the presence applications like Twitter, have changed our expectations of personal communication in a similar way that blogging broadened the notion of self-publishing. Facebook and Bebo did more than simply digitise existing social networks, they unlocked completely new forms of social connection; meanwhile the underlying tools of hyperlinking allowed knowledge to be restructured by newspapers like and encyclopaedias like Wikipedia to create dramatically more powerful techniques for information management. These paradigm shifts are all part of behaviour inside the Digital Networked Society.

Here at Digital Strategy Consulting we help firms adapt to the new landscapes, using our understanding of these new behaviour patterns. We help firms to appreciate the trends driving the behaviours and through this, help them develop products, services and communication strategies that quickly achieve audiences and cut-through in a crowded communication landscape. To support our management coaching we write occasional Digital Insight Reports like the ones on this page. They help introduce different aspects of the Digital Networked Society.

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Truths of the digital economy: Trends marketers can harness

Digital Insight Report - January 2006

The world has changed radically, and we're still only part of the way on the journey to a society which is both digital and networked. Want to reap the spoils of the second digital decade? Look into the past and gain perspective on present trends driving the digital economy. The truths of how the networked markets behave are starting to become clear. Understand them and accelerate your marketing and your firm.

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Blended and connected marketing - Why harnessing Web 2.0 techniques demands changing your classic marketing

Digital Insight Report - October 2007

Digital Insight Report: Blended and connected marketing

It’s time for a change in marketing. We’ve seen periods of change before, but never on the scale now needed. The legacy of the first digital decade includes placing the absolute control of media in the hands of the audience, the removal of frictions in the access to knowledge, the capturing of conversations, a step-change in the scale of media fragmentation, and the arrival of whole new paradigms in communication. The pace remains daunting, and yet any brand failing to adapt, is assured to fail. Many classic marketing channels continue, but a new type of blended, connected marketing is called for. The arrival of social media, online social networks and the Web 2.0 era demands marketers rethink their approach even more.

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