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Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship marketing for the Facebook Generation

Keynote lecture
Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship marketing for the Facebook GenerationTFM&A Technology for marketing and advertising 2008
Keynote lecture summary notes for participants

The rules of the marketing game have changed. The command and control television era where big brands delivered heavyweight messaging every night to the nation, has finally melted away. In its place a radically new structure has emerged that will dominate the next twenty years of marketing. Cultural evolution, catalysed by technology and typified by the web, has empowered media-savvy consumers with the tools to filter and select in a way never before possible. Customer expectations are huge and brands are failing. Trust has switched from institutions to friends, and the barriers to the flow of information have melted. The smallest of customers can have the loudest of voices. Society will never go back.

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These notes are the handout materials to accompany the lecture series about Marketing to the FaceBook generation and the academic paper in the Journal of Data, Direct and Digital Marketing. The argument is that the principles of marketing are changing fast and that the new digital toolkits have created a set of economics of individuality that were not possible before. As society has changed, consumers looked for individuality and the web has unlocked a massive shift in consumer attitudes and behaviours, releasing pent-up demand for change in the relationships between firms and their customers. The scale of change is compared to the arrival of television, and parallels drawn in the challenges of a new media appearing in the marketing industry. A series of themes for successful marketing to the FaceBook generation are highlighted. They include the migration from interruptive to engagement marketing, the role of social media to facilitate conversations about a brand, the timeshifting and personal scheduling of media and the potential for customers to become content creators. We argue there are five clear principles that are replaced in the digital networked society and that there are five further
shifts. By harnessing these, marketers can produce more engaging material and more impactful communications.

Digital’s 5 things that get replaced
1. Diversity and self-expression replaces conformism and unity
2. The media of the masses replaces mass media
3. Granular insights and data replaces generalisation
4. Engagement replaces interruption
5. Conversations in marketing replace control

Digital’s 5 things that get created
1. Empowerment creates customers in control
2. Digital channels create time
3. Time creates communication opportunities
4. Opportunity creates competitive advantage
5. Transparency creates accountability

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