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Marketing to the Facebook Generation: ten guiding principles

The rules of the marketing game have changed. Relationship marketing in the Digital Networked Society demands reaching the Facebook generation the way they want.
As radically new structures emerge, marketers need to rethink the way they devise and deliver communications. Cultural evolution, catalysed by technology and typified by the web, has empowered media-savvy consumers with the tools to filter and select in a way never before possible. Customer expectations are huge and brands are failing to make the grade. Trust has switched from institutions to friends, and the barriers to the flow of information have melted away so fast that compelling ideas spread across societies with an immediacy firms cannot cope with. Thanks to blogs and social media, the smallest of customers can suddenly have the loudest of voices. Society will never go back; marketers need to learn how to go forward.

Download the ten guiding principles to social media marketing from Danny Meadows-Klue
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