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Optimising online advertising

Optimising online advertisingPast, present and future: 5 steps in getting optimisation right

Optimisers are the unsung heroes of digital marketing. On their shoulders rests all the potential of targeting, accountability and media efficiency the web promises. It's a theme I started exploring back in the late 90s when it became clear that the guys who were close to the data for media groups knew more about how to increase advertiser success and satisfaction than just about anyone else. With the right analytics comes the right data, and with the right data come the insights to optimise; with these come the delivery of the promise of accountability and precision in digital marketing. And that was the theme of this talk. I explored the time-line of the cutting edge of web advertising optimisation through its first decade - from 1998 to 2008. This session explores how the battleground has shifted from simple media efficiency issues (managing the frequency and day-parting of banners and skyscrapers), to the more complex and richer models of behavioural targeting, and what lies ahead in the consumer centric advertising landscape of the digital networked society. To help firms quickly see the shape of the challenge, we included a simple five step plan for how our team approach working through the optimisation process, helping forms get the right capability and insights in place. Questions about this web analytics paper should go to

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