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Innovation and disruption in data and directory publishing: Shaping business models in data discovery

Digital trends in marketing and publishing | Keynote lecture

These are the references from our strategy discussion with data publishers at the annual congress in the Data Publishing Association. To talk more about these ideas, developing products like this, changing your business, or coaching your management teams contact Digital's Chief Executive Danny Meadows-Klue -

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Key takeouts from the lecture

  • Data becomes meta data
  • Raw data becomes social data
  • Web data becomes mobile data
  • Publisher-led data creation becomes consumer led data creators
  • Barriers to information are crumbling
  • Product development must accelerate
  • What is B2C now is B2B within 18 months
  • Data owners have 9-18 months left to get their digital strategies on track

Digitally native business models

Those are the keys to success


Text searching vs finding

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

bingo.jpgBing: A video programme guide?

Using images within web pages as the navigational tool; letting more information be discovered more freely

Bringing the objects within websites into search without needing to click; removing barriers to discoverability; changing the rules for search engine optimisation

Bing: UK Launch

Combining people with algorithms to build smarter taxonomies in data, creating more relevant results, displaying related search queries

Removing barriers to knowledge discovery, using collective intelligence of previous customers to show the route for new customers

Niche vertical search; clear consumer benefit

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

fox1.jpgFoxtons: Making search easier
More than 7 years of seamless location-based search, giving customers what they need and sellers improved marketing

Using the web to reach customers directly; creating web-centric business services; reducing marketing costs; owning customer relationships

Google maps: APIs made easy

Enabling any brand to map any data as effortlessly as creating a webpage

Making geographical data easy to find, use and deliver.

Search aggregators

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

123.jpg123people: Searching the search engines

Combining searches and social media into a single dashboard

Making everything discoverable by everyone; combining social media into a single dashboard

Mobile: The best of the web, at the moment of greatest need

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

iPhone%20travel%20apps%201.jpgiPhone travel tools
Taking the best of guides and information and delivering them just at the moment they’re needed

Taking just the data a consumer needs, delivering with a smarter value proposition, through myriad apps; shifting consumer expectations ‘nru’ app

Realtime navigation to the things people want; building discoverability for advertisers, brand loyalty for consumers and smarter ways to find things

Delivery of information at the moment of greatest need; unlocking a shift in information seeking expectations; disintermediation of print and audio directories; hyper-efficient model; scaleable; extensible across mobile platforms.

Layar: Augmented reality applications

Combining camera footage with location data to unlock rich information

Delivery of information at the moment of greatest need; unlocking a shift in information seeking expectations; disintermediation of print and audio directories; hyper-efficient model; scaleable; extensible across mobile platforms

Price: Shaking up consumer pricing

Digital trends in marketing and publishing Coupons made easy

Boosting discovery and access to coupons; using personal social networks to accelerate distribution

Increase in effectiveness of vouchering and circulation of messages; rise of super-distributors of promotional messaging; changes in where people look for information and why.

Red laser’s barcode scanner

Letting shoppers look up prices and details in store, using mobile web

Massive stepchange in price transparency and the access to information; giving industry data to consumers; changing the role of promotions and pricing

Bing: Cash for questions

Giving big price discounts on 3rd party sales; passing the marketing cost/benefit back to customers; building loyalty and changing behaviour

Removing intermediaries in the value chain; connecting buyers and sellers; moving promotional spend into pricing discounts; creating more efficient trading models

Social search: Letting people add value to data

Digital trends in marketing and publishing Social content search

Motivating people to share their views; creating value for consumers from context and opinion

Shifting the value from raw data to social data; delivering transparency

Protecting retailers and CPA partners

Digital trends in marketing and publishing


Removing first party fraud in a tough economic climate; separating the ‘can’t pay right now’ from the ‘won’t pay’; improving ROI on sales leads

Improving ROI in marketing by removing risk; linking risk to individuals and protecting marketers

Adding personal meaning and context to data

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

Footprints%20app%20for%20Android1.pngFootprints on Android

Letting people bookmark spaces and places with their own comments, information and data

Codifying the personal mental maps we carry; combining personal ideas with locations; creating personal travel guides

Mobile: Searching and activating social networks

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

Nokia%20lifecasting1.pngLifecasting by Nokia

Letting people share their lives as they happen with friends, acquaintances or strangers

Delivering constant connection to narrow and broad social networks; sharing content and messaging more effectively

New publishing approaches

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

RNLI%20Shout1.pngRNLI: Branded channels on YouTube

Using video from the lifeboat helmsman to tell the story, build brand, raise awareness, create discussion and drive funding

Taking control of the ‘message’, broadcasting without needing media, telling stories directly, harnessing team energy.

Obama: Branded channel on YouTube

Using video to tell complex stories; using social media to engage

Taking control of the ‘message’, broadcasting without needing media, telling stories directly, harnessing team energy.

Yasssu: Podcasting meets broadcasting

Audio content streamed and downloaded: latest news to museum guides

New applications for audio content publishing; interactive telephone services pushing valuable content to niche groups

Listening to these conversations

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

Meltwater1.pngMeltwater: Listening to the conversation

Tracking social media and interpreting results to let brands understand what’s being said; by who and why

Providing immediate clarify on market opinion; identifying key issues before they go mainstream; buying brands vital time.

Book publishing: Amazon, Kindle and Google

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

Google Editions

Digitising books for access online and through e-readers

Removing barriers to the access of content within books, changing the nature of book publishing; making content easier to find.

Key Trends

Digital trends in marketing and publishing

  • Data > meta data
  • Raw data > social data
  • Web data > mobile data
  • Publisher data creators > consumers data creators
  • Barriers to information crumble
  • Product development must accelerate

Strategy roadmaps: Navigating the perfect storm

Navigating the perfect storm: Challenges, trends & solutions for web newspapers

The global recession accelerated structural change in the readership and advertising markets newspapers serve, creating a perfect storm that threatens the very survival of most newspapers – both on and offline. As the ad revenue shortfalls bite and online newspapers fail to get the same audience growth as internet pureplays, newspaper leadership teams are faced with tough choices. Many fail to monetize those audiences effectively, lacking the models and skills to raise advertising yields and additional revenue streams. It’s tempting to cut digital publishing rather than see it as core to future revenue platforms, however the decisions media firms take during the next 18 months will have disproportionate implications on the future of their brands. For some those futures will be painfully short: many newspapers will not survive the recession and its aftermath. After 15 years in the online publishing sector, Digital’s team share examples of their strategic insights and practical experience with publishing leadership teams. This Digital Insight Report accompanies in-company strategy programmes for media groups eager to navigate the storm and chart a safe course for blended on and offline publishing.

Download report: Navigating the perfect storm

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