The confirmation page is the top overlooked opportunity for ecommerce executives to drive further revenue and improve the buying experience, but half of bosses are not utilising the it effectively, according to new research.

The study, from global ecommerce martech company Rokt, found that 50% of e-commerce executives agree their organisation is ineffective at utilising the confirmation page.

The report, entitled, They click buy. Now what?, uncovered that only 2% of e-commerce executives ranked the confirmation page as the most important stage of the customer purchase journey when research would suggest consumers feel otherwise. A recent study revealed that 74% of consumers agree they are happiest when shopping online – more specifically immediately after completing a purchase.

“The discrepancy between the potential of the confirmation page, and the reality of how e-commerce executives are utilising it is substantial,” comments Ant Hearne, Chief Commercial Officer at Rokt. “Over 1.6 billion people bought goods or services online last year making the confirmation page the single most neglected piece of online real estate.”

Other significant insights include:

  • Most e-commerce executives prioritise highest immediate revenue opportunity with 66% labeling this as the number one priority when allocating resources.
  • Additionally, customer experience remains an important focus with 45% of e-commerce executives acknowledging it as high priority.
  • 50% of e-commerce executives agreed their organisation finds it difficult to balance this tension between driving incremental revenue and preserving the customer experience.
  • Lack of business resources (45%) was the highest noted barrier to prioritising the confirmation page. If barriers were removed, personalisation (67%), feedback opportunities (57%) and internal offers/marketing initiatives (50%) were considered the most interesting additions.

Hearne continues, “Overlooking the confirmation page is an e-commerce crime. E-commerce executives spend billions of dollars every year driving people to click and buy. It makes clear business sense to maximise this investment by ensuring that they are continuously optimising the confirmation page opportunity.”

The full whitepaper, They click buy. Now what? Why the confirmation page is the most undervalued opportunity in e-commerce, can be found here.