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Reference notes prepared for journalists covering the digital industries, Digital Strategy Consulting or the Digital Training Academy

Welcome to the editor's notes page.

We created this page for journalists and PR teams we work with to provide a single point of reference for questions we often get asked. These standard paragraphs are included in some of our press releases to give extra background or clarity. All copy here is approved for release and PR teams working with Digital have a license to use the materials (excluding third party logos which may be posted here from time to time for different projects we're engaged with).

If you need more information please contact our press office.

Soundbites - On training

“Reskilling Britain’s marketers is no small task. Every firm needs to be embracing digital sales and marketing channels, and this scale of change brings with it some vast training needs. While smart firms have been investing in training for a long time, many HR managers simply don’t have the budgets they need because their firms haven’t yet acknowledged the importance of training in their sudden step-change to embrace digital channels. Every chief marketing officer needs their firms support to make this happen.” Danny Meadows-Klue

Soundbites - On accountability

Online advertising gives a level of accountability and control that marketing budgets have lacked in the past. Even with the simplest of web banners you can tell how many people saw the advert and responded. This level of accuracy has encouraged many marketers to switch their budgets to online.

Soundbites - On marketing segmentation

The era of the old models of segmentation by crude demographics is drawing to a close. In its place is coming the precision of web segmentation that can let you reach just the right people in just the right way. It's a revolution in advertising and one that has won the hearts and minds of the smartest marketers across Europe already.

Soundbites - On getting started in online advertising

How do you get started in web advertising? Just try some simple search keywords. Look for the leads they generate and look at how you can gain new customers at a price you set. It's simple, easy and very fast.

Soundbites - On the ICT industry

If you're in the ICT industry then there's never been a better fit. This is where your audiences are, this is where they're researching your offerings and those of others, and this is how they're making the decisions that matter. Can you afford not to be there?

Editor's notes - About Digital Strategy Consulting Limited: making sense of a digital world

Founded in 2000, Digital Strategy Consulting is the leading provider of digital marketing training with its digital training academy courses already running in eight countries. The boutique practice supports agencies, advertisers and media owners who want the most from the digital networked economy. It was created by Danny Meadows-Klue - one of the UK's early online publishers and co-founder of the Interactive Advertising Bureau trade associations in many countries.

Editor's notes - Further information for journalists

Press interviews and comments can be arranged by contacting:

Editor's notes - About the joint venture with IAB UK

This is multi-year joint venture between the IAB and Digital Strategy Consulting. The initial courses are aimed at the newer entrants to the industry to help them accelerate their understanding. The initial selection of courses have been chosen by the online industry, but both organisations have committed to evaluate further opportunities as industry raises them.

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