EyeBlaster digital Marketing awards

Monday, 17 October 2005

New York

Danny Meadows-Klue judges these annual creative awards for the best in online advertising creative. With new entrants worldwide the awards are now truly international and represent a showcase of the very best in the industry. As always the standard for entries in the Eyeblaster awards is high and the diversity of brands represents the richness of online marketing. Many, like Nike and Adidas, were using elements of their TV commercials, often adding something in terms of engagement that the broadcast media lacks. Strong TV brand advertising translates well to the web, building campaign frequency and extending reach. But many marketers are using that as just the starting point and the award submissions go much further. There were new formats and relationships between different formats on the screen being pushed heavily by brands like Dove. It's interesting to see commercial break formats running alongside banner and over the page campaigns. And with entries from so many markets what is particularly interesting is the international diversity of campaign ideas and models for online advertising. The feature film promoters have some of the most impactful raw materials to work with and War of the Worlds was among the strongest here. These awards chart the progress in web advertising and they should form an inspirational scrapbook for creative teams now engaging with the medium for the first time.

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