The first Digital Media Sales Academy in Denmark

Friday, 19 January 2007


If you've had less than two years experience in internet advertising sales then we have the perfect way to accelerate your knowledge and boost your results. The Digital Media Sales Academy was created by some of the world's leaders in online advertising, and media owners across Europe and North America have been benefiting from it since 2004. This month it comes to Denmark and through a partnership with FDIM we can give you discounts and property places! It will change the way you look at internet advertising, help you focus on what really matters, and boost your confidence.

Why is training so important? Well, even a great sales person can be lost in the maze of metrics, daunted by the jargon and unclear about whether the products being sold will meet client objectives. Overcome these problems and not only does each person's productivity increase, but the whole crew comes together to deliver better results. This practical one day Academy will cover the basics, answer those unanswered questions and help your team pull together to sell online media effectively.

Enjoy a competitive edge of being on the first Internet Media Sales Academy ever run in Denmark. Download the Academy Prospectus and book your place by simply emailing the Digital team.

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