Bridging the gap: Digital Marketing Leadership Academy @ Adlink, Zurich

Wednesday, 05 September 2007

adlink.jpgWhy is it that when consumers shift their media focus, marketers are slow to follow?
Why are Swiss marketers missing out? Danny Meadows-Klue argues that with a country as technologically advanced as Switzerland, the marketing industry is missing a trick. Audiences have moved to the web, but advertising budgets still over-use the classic media channels. For smart marketers that means they're getting a loud voice online and often without their competitors around, but for the Swiss industry as a whole there's an inefficiency that's emerged in the last five years that represents wasted ad budgets. The world of media is changing at a breath-taking pace, and while some parts of the web can justifiably be accused of being over-hyped, internet media is now mainstream media and for the marketers that forget the web from their schedule that means lost audiences and lost engagement. In this keynote Danny also looks at the wider trends in media to consider how marketing paradigms have shifted from interruption to engagement and what this means for brands in Switzerland today. His 2007 lecture tour has included ten countries from Singapore to Mexico.

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