Digital management coaching: Building stronger online publications | 28/02/08

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Digital Commercial Publishing Strategy Academy | London


Digital Training Academy in association with Netimperative.

With rapid development continuing to be the norm, publishers need to be able to read the landscape and work as a team to set the right direction. Familiarity with the key principles behind different generations of websites is the starting point, and harnessing social media and communities remains key to sustainable content and audience growth. This management training explores the business models and content models of online publishing, and explains why some add little value and represent false paths, while others lead through the easy ground towards strong commercial growth.

This Digital Training Academy is £695. VAT will be added to all purchases at 17.5%. Special offer: £200.00 off for the second Netimperative course booked for the same participant. It will be refunded after obtaining the fee for two courses. Invoices will be given to you on the day. These offers are subject to our standard terms.

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