Marketing to the Facebook Generation: The role of social media in the communications mix | 08/05/08

Thursday, 08 May 2008

Communication Director’s Forum | Southampton

There has been a fundamental shift in how customers, employees and the media want to be communicated with, demanding to participate and influence rather than simply be communicated 'at'. Through a raft of accessible and affordable technologies (social networks, blogs, wikis, podcasts - the list goes on) organisations can respond to this demand, create relationships and build loyalty. But this explosion of user-generated content presents a number of issues for the communications department, not least the upholding of brand values, maintaining a focus, managing the risk to reputation, and changing roles to become a participant in the conversation rather than the controller. Danny Meadows-Klue covers the nature of social media, the communication models, the role of brands as participants and enablers, the risks, and the models for integration into wider marketing. also takes a hard look at the value of these new channels and how brands on any budget can harness them. You will hear about some of the emerging trends and their impact on the future of communications.

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