Getting viral marketing to work effectively for your brand | 23/06/08

Monday, 23 June 2008

Digital Viral & Buzz Marketing Academy (Advanced) | London
Writing your viral marketing plan

Why do some campaigns gain a life of their own on the web and others never get talked about? Why do some marketing budgets stretch much further than others on the web? Why do some firms fail to unlock the value of their existing websites, content and messaging? Viral and buzz marketing are powerful sets of tools and in the right hands they can transform a web marketing presence. In the early days of the web, viral was confined to emails and video clips, but today’s rich landscape includes the range of social media, widgets and rethinking the design of your own website. Digital marketing veteran Danny Meadows-Klue leads this intensive Digital Training Academy (advanced level) which includes a marketing planning workshop that will help you turn these ideas into a structured plan for your business. If you’ve always wanted to learn how viral marketing works, then this is just what you’ve been looking for.

Materials: Materials are restricted to participants.
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