Executive Academy | 18/02/09

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

futurad 2009FuturAd 2009 keynote: Rethink your marketing | Zagreb

Does your marketing actually sell your products? Do you give your customers what they need? Rebuilding your web, email and mobile marketing around the customer’s real journey cuts costs and boosts results.

  • Why could cutting half your website be key to raising your sales?
  • How can print, television and outdoor advertising be reduced and refocused to help customers buy?
  • Why do so many marketing campaigns fail to achieve sales targets?
  • In a recession, how do you reduce your advertising without reducing effectiveness?
  • And when budgets are cut, how do you avoid cutting the wrong thing?

In his annual keynote speech, digital strategist Danny Meadows-Klue explains an approach marketers can apply to campaigns large or small, across both business to business and consumer marketing. His customer journey analysis will help you see which digital marketing is right for your business and which gets dropped. Apply his approaches to your classic advertising and watch your costs fall and your sales increase. Packed with practical tips that can be used straight away, conference delegates will have access to a guide to key principles.

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