Social Networking World Forum | 09/03/09

Monday, 09 March 2009

Digital Social Media Academy Masterclass: 10 Golden Rules for getting social media right | London

The power of social media is unquestionable, but many brands still remain nervous about taking part in a real discussion with consumers. For over five years, the Digital Training Academy has been coaching marketing teams about getting social media right in 20 countries. They’ve drawn together key principles for engaging with consumers, creating contagious marketing, and avoiding the pitfalls. Chief executive Danny Meadows-Klue shares their new 10 Golden Rules with conference participants. The session is practical and action orientated, tapping into the insights of one of Europe’s first online publishers and the co-founder of the IAB trade associations in the UK and Europe. You can use the 10 Golden Rules to healthcheck a strategy in the early stages, audit your current approach for risks, or assess agency recommendations. As an extra bonus to participants at the Social Networking World Forum, the Academy Tutors are taking questions in advance.

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