Web Analytics Training Academy | 09/02/09

Monday, 09 March 2009

Digital Analytics Academy (Advanced Course) | London

Analytics is key to getting more from all of your website, your digital marketing and your organisation. It can help improve the effectiveness of your website's role in the business by showing you precisely how people use the site, what is working well and what isn't performing. In the right hands it can uncover business challenges long before your traditional metrics will pick them up, and act as a nervous system for the organisation. In the right skilled hands analytics can even drive the development of your online and offline products and services; providing the most valuable of feedback channels. On the Digital Analytics Academy, we’ll help you take the next step in harnessing website and email analytics. For newcomers to the industry there’s lots to learn, and even for experienced web publishers it’s vital to keep up with best practice in such a rapidly changing market.

Materials: Materials are restricted to participants | Bookings: This Academy is fully booked.

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