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Technical problems?

If you're trying to access materials or enter a client project space and are having technical problems then we need to know a little more about the problem so we can help. Have a look at our entries under Access problems.

What is the current status for access and performance on Digital’s servers, Digital Workspaces, and Digital Training Academy Classrooms?

Please see the Digital's Website Status page.

Web pages not displaying correctly?

Sorry about that! Please try upgrading your web browser – latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome should all work correctly. If you are using a mobile device, your experience may vary but the latest devices are able to display our websites sufficiently accurately.

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I can't get into my Digital Classroom or Digital Workspace

To get re-issued with your password simply contact the team member or Associate you work with from Digital. If you do not have a direct relationship with one of our team, then talk to your colleagues to find out who commissions our service as they will have the password and access details you need. Sometimes passwords may be restricted within large companies and that's why we only issue them to our main contact. If you have tried these routes and the services still do not work then email our technical engineers via Digital Team.

I can't download a file

Across our websites and online classrooms we make a very large volume of materials available to current clients. These include research papers, Digital Insight Reports, Academy Lessons, some of our Digital Thought Leader interviews, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and other resources. Although some materials are open, you'll need your client passwords to get the most from Digital's services, including our email news services and the tools on these websites. To get re-issued with your password simply contact the team member or Associate you work with from Digital.

Locked downloads?

If you're trying to access materials or enter a client project space and have been diverted to this page, then the chances are that either the materials are locked or that your password has expired.

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Not receiving our materials?

When we mail you materials there’s a chance that an over-enthusiastic spam filter might block the content you’re looking for. Whether it’s our monthly Digital Intelligence news service, or the pre-read materials that the Digital Training Academy will send its participants before a training event, from 2004 we switched to using a mailing tool rather than sending individual notes to our learners, clients and partners. Sometimes you might get a direct mail from Danny or one of the team, but so we can give more links, downloads and click-throughs, in general we will use these more powerful email tools.

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I can't access properly on my Blackberry or PDA

Our email news services have been designed for mobile devices, but some of the main pages may be slow due to your connection speeds. Videos and large files that you download are unlikely to work well unless you have a very fast mobile connection. Some pages may appear oddly arranged because they are squeezed into your screen. Email us the brand and the service provider, and a way we can reach you.

Email Digital's Team.

Has one of our pages been reported as phishing?

There's a rare chance that sometimes some of our emails and html pages might be flagged up as being phishing sites (sites that try to fraudulently acquire sensitive information from users). This only happens with extremely sensitive phishing filters, and it's because we have lots of content, tags and open-rate tracking tags built into our email publications and broadcasts.

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My web browser seems to get stuck loading a page and refreshes continuously

Try clearing your cookies. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies. In Firefox, go to Tools > Clear Private Data and select just the cookies option.

New problems we have not covered?

We have very few reported problems with our websites, but if the problem you have encountered isn't listed here then simply email us with the details.

Not finding what you want? Just ask.

There are thousands of documents across our network of websites, but many are restricted to specific clients. As a strategy and training team we've spent a decade thinking of ways to help firms be smarter in the digital networked economy. If you don't find what you're looking for, then why not ask?

Please fill in all the details below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Or email us at

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