Has one of our pages been reported as phishing?

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There's a rare chance that sometimes some of our emails and html pages might be flagged up as being phishing sites (sites that try to fraudulently acquire sensitive information from users). This only happens with extremely sensitive phishing filters, and it's because we have lots of content, tags and open-rate tracking tags built into our email publications and broadcasts.

Phishing warningYou can see on the screen here an example of what this might look like, and if it happens to you then please let us know at BugBusters @ Digital. Clearly there are no risks in using any of Digital's sites, and if you'd like to know more about the tagging and tracking that's in place, then just email The Team @ Digital. The technologies let us learn about how our event participants are using the service (completing assignments and which information they find the most useful). Unfortunately there isn't an option to have a customised simpler service at this time.

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