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Help for contributors

At Digital Strategy Consulting, we welcome freelance contributions, opinion pieces, how-to guides, case studies and best practice tips from experts in the media and marketing industries.

If you’d like to submit an article to our team, please consider our following guidelines:

Flexible word counts and deadlines:As we’re a rolling news site, we’re not limited by print columns or deadlines. However, as a rough guide, keep your word count between 350-700 words and submit within a week of commissioning to keep the article timely.

Submit a synopsis if you’re unsure: A short paragraph covering your intended subject and angle will be helpful. Our editor will be happy to let you know of any changes before committing to the final write up.

Will reading this article make me smarter? Keep the copy short and focussed - address a key industry issue and don’t be afraid to be controversial when necessary (but not libellous, please).

Don’t make it a sales pitch: We only include articles that address burning issues in the digital industry. Your article will be fully credited to you with a link to your company as requested. But please avoid plugs for your own products and services (or any other vested interests).

Our audience knows its stuff (but avoid jargon): Our readership is made up of experienced media owners, agency account managers, brand owners and technology suppliers. So write with a smart marketer in mind- but try to avoid (or at least explain) buzzwords or acronyms.

Keep it original: All work must be your own, but you can cite sources with links to other data and materials to support an argument.

Add a visual element: Feel free to include bullet points, images and videos, but check that you have the rights. A low-res photo of the author is also helpful (but not manadatory).

The Editor’s decision is final: Submitting your copy is no guarantee of publication - text may also be altered to suit style guidelines or to enhance readability or SEO.

How do I apply? Send all synopses and articles to for consideration.

Not finding what you want? Just ask.

There are thousands of documents across our network of websites, but many are restricted to specific clients. As a strategy and training team we've spent a decade thinking of ways to help firms be smarter in the digital networked economy. If you don't find what you're looking for, then why not ask?

Please fill in all the details below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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