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When we mail you materials there’s a chance that an over-enthusiastic spam filter might block the content you’re looking for. Whether it’s our monthly Digital Intelligence news service, or the pre-read materials that the Digital Training Academy will send its participants before a training event, from 2004 we switched to using a mailing tool rather than sending individual notes to our learners, clients and partners. Sometimes you might get a direct mail from Danny or one of the team, but so we can give more links, downloads and click-throughs, in general we will use these more powerful email tools.

Either way, if you don’t get communication you’re expecting, then most people have found that if they look in their ‘spam’ folder, it might be hiding in there. Simply add the name of that email sender to your ‘contacts’, and then your machine will recognise that email in future.

If you can’t see any messages from us, or if this technique doesn't work, then please email your main contact here at Digital and we’ll work through any other options that may be preventing you from receiving our messages.

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