Do we publish a syllabus breakdown for the event in advance?

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This is a question we're often asked by clients we train. In planning an Academy we try to fit round your normal practice. Although the tutors have an aim for how long lessons take, in training, unlike conferences, they go at the pace of the learners. That might mean that we go through lessons faster or slower than we'd like. However, in terms of when we break for coffee and refreshments, if you give us some target times, we aim to be there within 10 minutes of the target. Simply let us know when they are, and we'll adjust our lesson plans. (By the way, we don't release the lesson plans as they are not meaningful for participants, so if an agenda is distributed, normally it would just say 'Academy Lessons', topped and tailed with a 'Welcome from the Digital Training Academy' at the start, and then a 'Recap and key learning outcomes' at the end.

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